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The Mothers Institute
Radical, Responsible Mothering ... For Ourselves, Our Children, and Our Nation




The Mothers Institute Mission:

The Mothers Institute is a non-profit* educational and networking organization promoting methods of mothering which foster a child's sense of individual freedom and personal responsibility. The Institute encourages the teaching and implementation of time honored traditions including reason, logic, creativity, civility, debate and dissent.

The Mothers Institute Advocates:

1) Stay-at-Home Mothering
2) Homeschooling
3) Civics in the Classroom
4) An Effective Networking System for Mothers
5) Freedom of Choice in Health, Hearth, and Happiness

The Mothers Institute Promotes:

1) The 3 "R"s: Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic
2) The three "C"s: Civility, Creativity, and Community
3) The three "D"s: Discourse, Debate, and Dissent


* Non-profit status pending